Southern First
Nations Secretariat

22361 Austin Line
Bothwell, ON, N0P 1C0

Tel: (519) 692-5868
Toll Free 1-800-668-2609
Fax: (519) 692-5976

Southern First Nations Secretariat on-line application forms for qualified student funding assistance. For more information: 1-800-668-2609.

To Access Student Funding Application

All Applications must be signed and mailed/faxed to be complete. You can print the required signature form on either the form intake page or immediately after submitting your on-line application. A help page for filling in field information is available on the form intake page.

Please review our help page for How to Apply

For new applicants or if you are re-applying after having an extended break in your studies; please ensure your application is recieved by us prior to the dates outlined below. SFNS may have 3 application intake periods; dependant on available financial resources.

  Term                         Deadline Date
Fall term                        May 1
Winter term                   October 1
Summer term                March 1

Intercession/summer term (May to August) will be funded only when it is a regular scheduled semester for continuing students; in addition to Native specific programs which are only offered during the summer, i.e. Native Teacher Training, Native Languages, Native Classroom Assistant

Grade reports are due 21 days after the completion of each semester.   We will require new documentation for the new term consisting of your course registration and tuition fee statement.  Your documentation can be sent by PDF email to your assigned counsellor, faxed to 1 519 692-3062 or mailed to our office.  Your prompt attention is required.